What after i ordered Domain Print

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After you ordered Domain, you will receive email from us that your Domain is registered.

After that it will be shown under your Client area.

Click on Domains, then choose Domain you want to manage.

Now there should be done few things, in order to your domain become usable.

When managment page is opened, click on DNS managment field.

After that you will see your DNS zone managment options.

In order to link your web site or your VPS server, you will need to create , or change precreated A record to point to your IP adress of your hosting or VPS server.

After you change it, click on Save changes.

Do not forgett to delete other A records if there is any of them.

Also, in order to use Mail forwarding function that comes with every domain ordered here, you will need to create MX records as per mannual your received in email after order.

After that from left side choose Email forwarding , and you will see option to configure your Email forwarding service. 

After it is done, please wait in order to DNS changes take place. Ussualy done in 1 hour, but in some cases can take longer.

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